What if you could quest for lost treasure? Would you do it?

Our Waypointer Technology© converts the world into a wonderous place of magic by coordinating thousands of real-life adventures, all at the same time. These adventures are stories that happen in real-life and they happen to you. Your adventure could look something like this:

But that's just ONE example!

Our Waypointer© Technology allows us to create any themed adventure we can dream up. Whether your adventure involves pirates, espionage, Alice in Wonderland characters or anything else you've only seen in movies, you and your friends and family are guaranteed to have an experience that know one else on Earth will have!


We use a combination of proprietary tracking, mobile and server technologies that automate adventures in real-time.

Mobile Device Tracking

When you download our app to your phone, The Waypointer© system can track you and your progress. This enables us to keep your story moving, control which characters you interact with and ultimately point you in the right direction.


Rich Dynamic Story Generation

We are currently ironing out the kinks on a new engine that actually creates stories on the fly and tailors them to your strengths, weaknesses and interests! Your story is completely your own and no one will ever have the same one twice.

Manipulated Reality

We have developed a new form of storytelling by blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Those blurred lines are a library of techniques that we have developed, one we refer to as "Manipulated Reality" (MR). Years in the making, the study of MR continues to provide new ways of bringing stories and adventures to life that we have only dreamt about as kids.


Fun For the Entire Family

We've found that nothing brings a family closer together than overcoming obstacles as a team. Our adventures are good, clean fun and are appropriate for all ages so that no one gets excluded from real adventure!


We are taking this technology to a global audience. That means you!

We are on a mission to bring REAL adventure into the lives of everyone, from all walks of life.
The Waypointer© System is the backbone of everything Danger and Mayhem produce.